May 31, 2017

Roshni Misbah is your average college student. Except when she’s making jaws drop across Delhi as she whizzes past people on her bike, her bomber jacket and her hijab.

Roshni, a student at Jamia Millia Islamia, is also a hardcore biker who rides a 250 cc Honda CBR Repsol. She knows that she is an unorthodox sight on the streets but she’s also happy to set an example for young girls and women across the country.

In fact, the biker, who has become something of a minor celebrity on social media, where she has been dubbed Hijabi Biker, is also part of Bikerni, a Delhi-based women’s only biker group that works towards empowering women.


Roshni’s love for bikes began right from childhood when she rode on the pillion seat during long bike rides with her father. Instead of being told that she shouldn’t pursue her love for bike, her family and her friends, including some of her teachers, actually encouraged Roshni to follow her passion. While it has caused curiosity among onlookers, for Roshni, her hijab is an expression of her faith and not something that has stopped her from going after her dreams or scorching the tarmac with her bikes.

She bought her first real bike, a Bajaj Avenger, when she was still in school. And there has been no looking back since.


Speaking to Times of India, Roshni notes, “I am a member of groups like the Windchasers and Delhi Royal Enfield Riders, and was part of the Bajaj Avengers Club at the time I owned an Avenger bike.”

The 22-year-old is well aware that her very presence is breaking long-held stereotypes in the country surrounding both gender and religion. Her goal isn’t just to inspire more girls into taking up biking but rather encourage them to pursue their dreams no matter what.

Just like how she’s doing.