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ADLINA ANIS featured in Berita Harian

May 22, 2015

Original Article: http://beritaharian.sg/gah/ringkas-tapi-glamor-jadi-inspirasi-adlina-anis

We were featured again in Berita Harian alongside other Singapore based brands about the build up to Eid.

This time we address where I get my inspiration from and what drives me to produce quality products. I shared with the reporter that there are a few pillars that guide my philosophy in making products. ADLINA ANIS products are all produced in our facility by hand because it takes time to ensure that quality of the seams is at an acceptable standard - which is high. This in turn affects how many products we can produce and because it takes extra care - it makes our products available at only a limited run at a time. 

For this year the theme of Simple runs across all our Eid Exclusive collection. You can wear our products beyond Eid because they are timeless as well. It would fit beautifully into your number for weddings and events as well. Keep an eye out for the collection coming soon. 

We also covered what I feel about copying as the word trendsetter has been used to describe my fashion outlook. To me I believe that everyone can earn a living. In the end I believe that consumers genuinely believe in quality, originality and service and in the end the consumers will decide which brand they would like to choose from. 

I am very thankful for the support of such institutions and especially to all you wonderful customers who are appreciative or original, hand-made products that are of quality.

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