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It is a pleasure to hear from you, especially when you are at the heart of what we do.

Thank you,
Adlina & Adlina Anis Team


4 April 2017

Adama Bah (New York, USA)

I've received my package. I wanted to take the time to thank you and also suggest something. I'm a nurse here in New York and these hijabs are prefect for my stethoscope. You should really market it for not just headphone for people in the medical field. Again thank you I love my hijabs.


17 February 2017

Huzairah Muhammad Ali (Brunei)

I didn't know you've produced the contouring ninja echo in XL! It's a dream come true. You read me ??


5 February 2017

Siti Sujiah

My friend & I went to your showroom on Friday 03 Feb. I must say your staff Lateffah is an awesome lady who sincerely & tirelessly served, entertained & helped us with our many-tryouts giving recommendations & tips along the way throughout our more than 2 hours we were there. We came home happy with our respective purchases. Thank you again Lateffah & keep up the good work. God bless.


23 January 2017

Norain Noor

Luv ur snood, so simple, so easy to put on & yet so stylish.


24 July 2016

Dahlia Madon

I just love this turban snood.


19 July 2016

Rayqal Raiyyan Firozie

Loved it!! Unique and elegant..


14 September 2015

Nurie Shariff

Loving the comfy & beautiful I.C.E. Onesie from you. Won't leave u sweaty and scratching the whole day!


10 July 2015


Hi Adlina , Item well received. Loving it! Thank u so much!


25 June 2015


I have received the parcel. Thank you to you and your team for the efficiency.


20 May 2015

Nani Sani

Hi there i received the snood with a big smile..


15 May 2015

Nadushka Syerikova (UAE)
Salam aleikum!!!  Alhamdulillah i am got a parcel and very happy, shawls are very beautiful. InshaAllah i will buy in future yet shawls *:) happy 

Thank you very much for nice service and quickly respond.


14 May 2015

Nor Yanti Hamzah

Received the Red Matte Satin Snood, so loving the material. Love it so much. Thank u 


15 April 2015

Adam Saira Banu (Ampang, KL, Malaysia)

Salam and hi Adlina and Adlina Anis Team,

I received my package a few days ago and was thoroughly impressed by how quickly it arrived.

I am in love with the ICE scarves and underscarve I ordered. Your attention to detail ( stitching and quality of material ) is impeccable. You've got yourselves another follower.

Warm regards


10 April 2015

Fawziyah Salam

Salam Adlina...

I'm glad to receive the snoods y'day... I really appreciate yr service. Very good n going to wear it soon. Tq


17 February 2015

Syahirah Adam

Salam Adlina & team,

I've just received the parcel today! :)) and I was squealing in glee when I saw the wrapped parcel inside. Thank u so much for acceding to my request. I really appreciate it! I can't wait to buy more for myself and my friends too! Really awesome service! 
Thank you so much, and have a wonderful weekend ahead!


19 December 2014

Liana Ahmad

Dear Adlina,
I'm new to your products. Honestly, I used to think that they are pretty costly for scarves. Today, when I finally received my chocolate satin snood and pleated satin crepe emerald green snood, I am convinced and satisfied :). After trying them on, I was and still am very happy with my purchase! I am LOVING them! When ada rezki, I'm looking forward to collect more snoods. In Shaa Allah!
Thank you. :)
May Allah bless you.


27 June 2013


Dear Team, 

Thank you so much. I love the items and I will definitely purchase from you guys.



27 June 2013


AdlinaAnis Team, 

We are very impressed with the prompt response and tip-top service. Helping us wrap the shawls as a gift, we totally appreciate the kind gesture. I must say that Adlina Anis shawls are extremely gorgeous and with superb great quality!

We sure will look forward for new upcoming collections from you! 100% totally impressive!


27 June 2013


Hi Adlina, 

Love your hijab. Never done online shopping before. Like to purchase your hijab.


12 June 2013

Emily (Malaysia)

Dear Adlina Anis Team, 

I have received the package in a very good condition. Many thanks for following up.



11 June 2013


Hi. Alhamdulillah i finally collected the package today. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous and the quality is superb. I would definitely order again if it comes in other colours. I love chiffon shawls and this is by far the best one i have and i really hope that you could come up with other colours of the same quality chiffon shawls. Thank you very much for your wonderful service and i will definitely inform you if the original package ever finds its way to my home.


11 June 2013


Hi Sis, 

I have received the items. Thank you so much. It's very nice and it's indeed of a high quality. I can't wait to wear it. Hope to purchase more items from you in the future. Thank you once again.


10 June 2013


Hi Adlina, 

I have received my burn out shawl. It's been a week actually but was too busy to try it out. I shall say your shawl is so easy to wear and i love everything about the shawl. This is my second time and i shall say, its never a disappointment . Efficient service and beautiful design. I don't mind spending money to buy shawl from you. Will definitely get more from you. Thank you so much.


3 June 2013


Salam sis,

Would just like to tell you that the ICE jersey shawl lis super easy and fuss-free to use. I bought the pink one and last week i put it to the test by bringing it on my KL trip. Even though the fabric's crinkled, when you wear it, the crinkle is hardly noticeable. So comfy to wear and drapes so nicely. SHh, i wore it for 2 consecutive days, cuz super convenient to wear and without the need for inner. I love it so much, bought a black one today. In Shaa Allah, rezeki lebih, will get other colours in future so do restock and bring in more colors ya? Thank and may Allah bless your efforts ( also wanna commend you for introducing selections that complies with shari'ah i.e. scarves that provide ample chest coverage) 



31 May 2013


Hi Adlina, 

I already receive the item thank you so much and i supper like it. I have order more hopefully you've received my order. Hope to hear from you soon.



30 May 2013


Hi, I always shop online but i would say that Adlina Anis Service is awesome, fantastic and super duper efficient. I ordered on 27/5 and make payment on 28/5 morning. To my surprise the package was in my letterbox yesterday evening. That was really fast!

Thanks for the efficiency



30 May 2013


Salam Sis, 

Have received my item yesterday evening. Super love it, thanks again!


23 May 2013


Dear Sis, 

Received with thanks. Awesome service. Keep it up! Thanks much.

Best Regards


16 May 2013


Dear Adlina, 

That is so swift! You are awesome! Looking forward to don those lovely satins! Thank you! 



13 May 2013


Hi sis!

Received the shawls very quickly. They are beautiful!! Can't wait to order more.


8 May 2013 


I just receive the ICE shawl and i must say, it is very convenient to shop at Adlina Anis. And the most important thing is the shawls are amazing!! Please do restock them! I can't wait to get the satin shawl which i bought them today!


9 May 2013


Hello, I have received my item. Yet to check, but i would like to thank you for making time to send it by today. To whom it may be, the courier, thank you so much! and to Adlina Anis too. Thank you!


9 May 2013


Hi, Wow! How did you know? I was just about to drop a note:) you guys are really efficient. I am so impressed! Thank you!


6 May 2013


Dear Adlina, 

Many thumbs up for your premium service & speedy delivery. I've receive my pink ICE today. Masyaallah its so convenient and the material is soft and comfy. My first experience buying online is awesome! Thanks to Adlina Anis Selections. Looking forward to more buys from your selections, InsyaAllah.


3 May 2013

Erna Salleh

Thanks so much. Received it with many thanks.



3 May 2013

Haryani Mohd Apadi

Salam Sis,

Items receive in good condition. I'm loving the shawl. Bring in more of this material. :)


3 May 2013


Salam Adlina,

This is my first time ordering online and Insyaallah mull berhijab and watched your video that its easy to manage too! Kindly confirm and looking forward to receiving the ICE shawl. May Allah bless your good deeds. 

Allahumma Amiin


2 May 2013 


Dear Sis Adlina, 

As always, you never disappoint. Another lovely piece from AA to add to my collection. Banned the kids from the room so that i could try out the many ways to style it! Now palms itching again to get another piece.

More great creations, k?

Thanks again


26 April 2013

Masita Mohamad

Hi Dear, received the shawl. Thumbs up for the efficiency. It was so fast and am loving it! Thanks


30 April 2013

Norfasarie Baihaiki

I love the ICE onesies jersey shall from @adlinaanis. No pins required at all! My emergency shawl! 


Zarinah (Singapore) 

Hi , just want to tell you, i have received my order yesterday and i am so pleased. very happy with the onesie. ICE onesie is beautiful and comfortable. Thank you for bringing it to us! Love, love love it! i am placing another order soon.

Salam sayang


11 April 2013

Farhanah Mahon (Brunei)

Hi! Sorry for not informing you , i received my package last Tuesday 9th April and it arrived in Brunei three days before i received it. Alhamdulillah. And yes, i would love to purchase more shawl from your selections next time. I can't help myself for not purchasing it! Your shawls is very high quality material and comfortable.

Kind regards


Arfah Othman

Purchased my 2nd ICE collection!...im loving em!!!
More to come sooooon...!


Elly Rashid 

Hi dear,

This may come in a tad late but I did receive the shawls in gd condition. Thank you. Love the onsies!! Great invention esp. to a newbie like me. M gg to get more soon!! 


24 April 2013


Thank you so much dear, received my orders today! Appreciate it for the efficient service.

And, i just saw your another burn out collection! so pretty! haha so tempting lol!

Thank you and warm regards


23 April 2013

Haryani Mohd Apandi

Hi, items received in good condition. Thank you!


23 April 2013

Siti Hajar 

Hi, I've received my orders. Very efficient and nice packaging. Profesionally done. 

Thank you!


16 April 2013

Siti Zahara

Thanks Adlina, I've received all 4 shawls! Thank you for the prompt action :) Greatly appreciate it.


Syaz Yusof

Hi! Thank you for your prompt reply!

Appreciate all the effort that was rendered. 

Looking forward to receiving the order. Thank you once again!


Aznizah Abas

Hi, I have received my orders.

Love the pieces so much and also the packaging!

Look forward to ordering more pieces from you.



Marni Masni 

Love my houndstooth!

Trust Adlina Anis Selections to always deliver on time. Sooner than expected! Thanks