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Our Dropship programme offers 15% off and free shipping for registered dropshippers.

Unlike other brands, we believe that women all over have a right to running a business in their own communities without having to take up an entire burden of committing a large amount of money and effort.

No MOQ required

Most brands require you to hit a Minimum Order Quantity. With Adlina Anis, there’s no need to risk any capital.


No fulfilment, free shipping

Products would be shipped as soon as we receive the order. Free shipping is available only for Dropshippers.


Live updates

You can track the progress of your customers deliveries from our website. No tracking required for you.

How it works

1. Create an account

You are required to create an account with Adlina Anis so that we may issue you special instructions with regards to how to go about making a purchase on your customers’ behalf.

Create an account

2. Purchase license

When you are logged into your account purchase the Dropship Licence. This will enable the system to track your orders and send you information about your orders.

Apply for license

3. Start selling

All you need to do now is go ahead and make the purchases necessary on your customers’ behalf. You can use any of Adlina Anis images to make your purchases.

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Dropship information

Dropship account

Your account will give you access to purchase our products on behalf of your customers. We take of the delivery and the products.
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Our policy

We take our brand and your customers to heart and we will monitor our registered dropshippers to ensure that they maintain integrity. We take care of you and your customers.

Shipping & tracking

All orders come with tracking details that you have access to for your customers to review their delivery status. Just login and you will be able to check them.
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Media usage

We give you the right to use our media and videos in your marketing channels.
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