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24 Jan 2018
Steal My Look

Steal My Look: Strawberry Blossom

Steal My Look: Strawberry Blossom

It has always been about comfort first for Adlina. Whether it's casual or glamorous, she ensures her ensemble for the day will not come in between practicality and ease of movement. Those factors coincide with dressing modestly, and therefore makes getting ready a breeze. Of course, that's subtracting the makeup process, because we can all agree it takes forever to perfect our eyebrows, and then some.

For this look, Adlina chose a simple flowy blouse and a pair of straight cut pants that go beyond her feet, which by the way, creates an elongated illusion and therefore makes you appear taller than you are. Heels or wedges to add to the whole outfit doesn't hurt either. Besides, who wants to be tripping over their own pants, right?

Protection is key, and so Adlina is seen her equipped with her trusted sunnies to beat the scorching sun. What's great is that it slips easily into the new Instant Draped Crystal Vizi Chiffon Shawl. Now, we did mention practicality and ease of movement, didn't we?

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