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14 Jan 2018
Sunday Reads

Struggles Hijabis face [Part 1]

Struggles Hijabis face [Part 1]

Everyone has their own struggles.

There are some you just have to deal on your own, while there are some we can all relate to. However, these struggles we're highlighting are especially for Hijabis, and trust us, this is just the beginning.

1. "Do you shower with it?"

Do YOU shower with your clothes on?

2. What's underneath your hijab?

Maybe we have more layers underneath, maybe we're bald.. I guess you'll never know.

3.  Or.. when your friends forget you have hair

Show 'em what you got, sis!

4. So you thought we escaped Bad Hair Days... 

Only to meet Bad Hijab Day, and we don't stand for it, which is why we recommend our Instants (click here) or Iron Free range (here) that are totally fuss free.

5. When a non-Mahram suddenly appear at your front door

Grab that table cloth, pronto.


6. You vs The Wind

Because Wind always wins.

7. Playing Hide & Seek with our brooches and pins

How many packets or boxes have you bought in a month? Year?

 8. To getting stabbed by them 

99% of the time.

9. Because a bib is too mainstream

That is the purpose of wearing the hijab, right? To save food for seconds. Or thirds.

10. "Don't you feel hot?"

You think?

If you enjoyed reading this, stay tuned for Part 2 of this series!



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