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Recently, some of the more popular email programs have introduced algorithms that send our emails to your spam or promotions folder depending on your activity on their email programs. This makes it sometimes difficult for our customers to trace our emails for their receipts or correspondence. So we prepared this guide for what you should do if you can't find our email.

The following scenarios may apply to you but if they don't just let us know your problem at

1) I didn't get my email! This is not good! 

Answer: Did you check whether the email you supplied is the correct one? Not sure which email you supplied - just send us an inquiry at with your Name and Shipping Address.

2) I know my email is correct. That really can't be the problem.

Answer: Have you checked your spam folder? Try searching for in your email.

3) I still can't find your email. What kind of game are you playing?

Answer: The only game we are playing is how to get you your products ASAP. Send us an email at and our Team will activate via your mobile/telephone number to guide you on the next steps.

4) Ok. I've now gotten my order but I like your merchandise and I really don't want this to happen again.

Answer: As far as we can tell the only sure way to guarantee that your email provider allows our email into your inbox is by adding to your contacts. Please see the following links for the most popular email programs online. This solution should apply to most email programs so you can look the steps up if your email program is not listed below.