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No MOQ required.

Most brands require you to buy their products with crazy Minimum Order Quantities. With Adlina Anis - you don't have to risk any capital.

No fulfillment required.  Free Shipping.

We will ship out your customer's product as soon as we receive your order. Free Shipping is available only for Dropshippers.

Live updates on your customers orders.

You can track the progress of your customers deliveries from our website. No tracking required for you.


Create an Account

You are required to create an account with Adlina Anis so that we may issue you special instructions with regards to how to go about making a purchase on your customers' behalf.


Purchase the License

When you are logged into your account purchase the Dropship Licence. This will enable the system to track your orders and send you information about your orders.


Start Selling

All you need to do now is go ahead and make the purchases necessary on your customers' behalf. You can use any of Adlina Anis images to make your purchases.


All the information you need to begin drop shipping is available below

Our system can only detect you as a Dropship Licensee if you are logged in. 

In fact our system will only grant you the required discount at checkout only if your logged into account. 

You will also be able to see the week's entitlement for any particular week. Please do take note that we will be adjusting the entitlements percentage from time to time. 

This page will also list all the products that are exclusive to you Dropship Licensees. These products won't be found on the website for other consumers but will only be available to you.

You may refer to our website on the availability of a product.

Each product on our website now lists the available quantity and you can find it on the product page as highlighted below:

We highly recommend you check on the availability of our products before accepting your customers' orders.

At no point in time will we or any member of the Adlina Anis require the email of your customers. 

We trust that our dropshippers are taking will proceed in good faith with their customers and as a show of good faith there is no need for you to share your customers' email address with us.

You will have to provide all their other details however so that our team can complete the fulfilment of the order. You may copy the following to request from your customers so that you can provide them in your order.

The required details are as follows:
First Name:
Last Name:
Unit Number:
Postal Code:

Free Shipping is an added bonus to all our Drop Shippers from all countries.
That's right. Your customers pay no shipping fees.
For orders within Singapore orders will be fulfilled via SingPost Normal Mail between 2-3 days.
For orders outside of Singapore orders will be fulfilled via SingPost Registered Mail between 7-14 days.

As your orders are bought using your email login, you will be able to trace all your customers' orders from your account page.

Below you will see an example of your account page once you have logged in.

Below is what a breakdown of the detailed purchase and its status will look like.

Additionally, you will be receiving updates to your orders in the email you bought the Dropship Licence with.

You may use any of the images on our website and or videos to promote our products.

You can copy our images directly from our website.

You can find our videos here:

Once you have purchased the license you will be able to access the special page that is only viewable by you by clicking here. 

This page will contain your percentage premium. You will be informed through email when this is updated. 

You will also be able to see products that are exclusive to you for that particular week.

You will also have access to our WhatsApp Support number to be included in the group so that you may get support as often as we can possibly provide it. (A lot - we promise k?)


Adlina Anis has years of experience from learning design and merchandising, to styling for numerous magazines in the fashion industry and producing hand made dresses. That experience has afforded Adlina a keen eye and an appreciation for all things quality.

Adlina has insisted on maintaining a ready inventory of materials so that she can ensure that
her customers receive new products every week. These high quality materials are kept in humidity controlled rooms to ensure that the cloths do not undergo any environmental stress due to humidity or sunlight. This ensures that the products that are received by customers are of the highest quality possible.

Each product that is used in ADLINA ANIS products are carefully selected to ensure that quality is placed as the top consideration in decision making. This allows ADLINA ANIS to deliver on its promise of always delivering the best possible product to her discerning customers who have come to expect nothing less.