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We trust that our dropshippers are taking will proceed in good faith with their customers and as a show of good faith there is no need for you to share your customers' email address with us.

You will have to provide all their other details however so that our team can complete the fulfilment of the order. You may copy the following to request from your customers so that you can provide them in your order.

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You will also have access to our WhatsApp Support number to be included in the group so that you may get support as often as we can possibly provide it. (A lot - we promise k?)


Adlina Anis has years of experience from learning design and merchandising, to styling for numerous magazines in the fashion industry and producing hand made dresses. That experience has afforded Adlina a keen eye and an appreciation for all things quality.

Adlina has insisted on maintaining a ready inventory of materials so that she can ensure that
her customers receive new products every week. These high quality materials are kept in humidity controlled rooms to ensure that the cloths do not undergo any environmental stress due to humidity or sunlight. This ensures that the products that are received by customers are of the highest quality possible.

Each product that is used in ADLINA ANIS products are carefully selected to ensure that quality is placed as the top consideration in decision making. This allows ADLINA ANIS to deliver on its promise of always delivering the best possible product to her discerning customers who have come to expect nothing less.
  • Acceptance
  • Dropshipper Agreement

By purchasing the Dropship Licence you agree to the Dropshipper Agreement.

Dropshipper Agreement

DROPSHIPPER Terms and Conditions


Operating Agreement

This agreement, between Adlina A. Pte Ltd (Adlina Anis) and you (DROPSHIPPER), shall be formed via ADLINA ANIS DROPSHIPPER program upon submission via the application procedure , thereby accepting the terms and condition of this Agreement. DROPSHIPPER should frequently review these Terms of Use, our Guidelines and Rules and any other applicable policies, including their dates, to understand the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Sites.


1. Scope of work

1.1 The DROPSHIPPER program is the participation of the DROPSHIPPER to promote and advertise on the DROPSHIPPERs platform ie: website, Facebook, Twitter etc with content provided by Adlina Anis.

1.2 For successful brokerage, Adlina Anis will award the DROPSHIPPER with commission, which shall depend on the real net value and extent of the service

1.3 DROPSHIPPER will be responsible, for registered content provided by Adlina Anis, when placed on DROPSHIPPERs’ media. DROPSHIPPER will be free decide the duration and removal of the placement of the advertising content provided by Adlina Anis unless otherwise required by Adlina Anis.


2. Enrollment

2.1 For the Completion of the application for the DROPSHIPPER program, no masking of DROPSHIPPER’s identity, contact information or use any aliases. All Applications will be reviewed before acceptance or rejection within two (2) business weeks and Adlina Anis may accept or reject the application at their sole discretion for any reason.

2.2 DROPSHIPPER and Adlina Anis are independent contractors and nothing in this agreement will create any joint venture, partnership, franchise, agency or sales representative relationship between parties involved. DROPSHIPPER will have no authority to accept or make any offers or representations on behalf of Adlina Anis


3. Terms of Agreement

3.1 this contract will be based on the duration of the DROPSHIPPERs membership with Adlina Anis DROPSHIPPER program


4. Services of Adlina Anis

4.1 Once accepted to the DROPSHIPPER program, the DROPSHIPPER will be provided with content related to advertising and creative materials which will be in line with the products launched in the website.

4.2 Access for all activities of the DROPSHIPPER will be logged via and can be accessed any time for the reports and performance.

4.3 Standards and Quality of the Advertising material and csv files offered will be the under the discretion of Adlina Anis

4.4 Following the terms and condition of this contract, the DROPSHIPPER will be entitled to the difference in price of the product which is deemed the DROPSHIPPERs’ commission.

4.5 Adlina Anis and DROPSHIPPER agree that reporting and tracking is to be conducted through



5. Obligations of the DROPSHIPPER

5.1The DROPSHIPPER shall remove Adlina Anis advertising material without delay from the DROPSHIPPER’s website if Adlina Anis requests it to do so

5.2 The DROPSHIPPER shall be responsible for the content and routine operation of the DROPSHIPPER’s Media or other relevant DROPSHIPPER’s media for the term of this agreement.

5.3 Advertising Adlina Anis through social media activities, including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter should not include and trademark of Adlina Anis will require the DROPSHIPPER to include the following line: “I am a registered ADLINA ANIS dropshipper. For more details please click here.

5.4 The DROPSHIPPER will maintain all licenses, permits, approvals, registrations or the like, to perform the matters contemplated under this agreement and that it shall carry out this agreement in compliance with relevant law of Singapore, particularly any local advertising law, its guiding legislation and legal provisions on data privacy including but not limited to Personal Data Protection Act 2012

5.5 The DROPSHIPPER shall set cookies only if advertising material made available by the Adlina Anis DROPSHIPPER program as visible use on the DROPSHIPPER’s Website and the user clicks consciously and voluntarily.

5.6 The DROPSHIPPER may NOT offer discounts on any of the products to be sold on DROPSHIPPERs’ medias social or otherwise.

5.7 The DROPSHIPPER has to make sure that all e-mail address are generated over a double opt-in e-mail.

5.8 Any use, by the DROPSHIPPER, of materials or content from Adlina Anis web presence or its logo or brand shall not require Adlina Anis written approval unless otherwise stated.

5.9 DROPSHIPPER will not be allowed for apps campaign, advertisements that result in forced installations of advertiser applications, forced installations also includes the act of not asking the users permission before initiating a download/direct

5.10 DROPSHIPPER shall not subcontract any of its obligations or rights under this agreement without prior written consent of Adlina Anis

5.11 DROPSHIPPER will be responsible for any transactions made between the DROPSHIPPER and the DROPSHIPPERs’ customers.

5.12 DROPSHIPPER acknowledges that Adlina Anis is not responsible for transactions made between DROPSHIPPER and their customers.

5.13 DROPSHIPPER acknowledges that their profile will be listed on Adlina Anis as a guarantee of registration with a valid licence to operate DROPSHIPPING for Adlina Anis.



6. DROPSHIPPERs warranties

6.1 The DROPSHIPPER shall not, without prior written consent by Adlina Anis, be allowed to :

6.1.1 use and/or modify the Advertising Material and content accessed via Adlina Anis DROPSHIPPER Platform

6.1.2 use advertising e-mail (the EDM) to promote Adlina Anis

6.1.3 create and/or maintain websites/apps that might lead to confusion with the web/mobile presence of Adlina Anis.

6.1.4 mirror presence or copy texts, graphics or other content from Adlina Anis Website

6.1.5 create an impression that the DROPSHIPPER website is a project of Adlina Anis or that it is economically linked to Adlina Anis or affiliation between the DROPSHIPPER and Adlina Anis that goes beyond the Adlina Anis DROPSHIPPER program and this agreement 

6.1.6 set up campaigns on third party DROPSHIPPER networks. DROPSHIPPER is only allowed to direct its own traffic and/or its own DROPSHIPPER traffic in case of networks to Adlina Anis product

6.2 The DROPSHIPPER is strictly prohibited to :

6.2.1 crawl on any of Adlina Anis Website

6.2.2 place content on DROPSHIPPER’s Media or other relevant, such as networks sub DROPSHIPPER, relevant advertising media that breaches applicable third- party rights, law and public morals. Prohibitions include representations that glorify violence, sexual and pornographic content and illustrations, misleading statements or discriminatory content (eg. respect of religion, politics, race, gender, disablity or nationality).  Such contents just mentioned, nor links be created are allowed to appear on DROPSHIPPER’s media or other relevant advertising media.

6.2.3 drive SEM and private labels to Adlina Anis Product , other keyword – based advertising traffic using Adlina Anis brand or private labels to Adlina Anis Product , ‘ Adlina Anis ‘ and other similar words which could be misleading as Adlina Anis must be entered as a negative keyword

6.2.4 use of brand names, creatives or offers for any case of lottery or competition

6.2.5 use of iFrames, layers, site under, add-ons, pop-under, pop up, auto –redirect advertisements site under, which automatically redirect the user to Advertiser websites without the user’s engagement or action (e,g. click, touch) postview technology, cookie dropping, misleading advertisements that result in misleading clicks that display expected content

6.2.6 promotion of other vouchers including but not limited to print advertisements, customer service contacts or end customer newsletters.



7.DROPSHIPPER shall be liable for:

7.1 If Adlina Anis is sued by third parties from the result of DROPSHIPPERs breach of contractual obligations or on account of the DROPSHIPPER’s violation of a statutory provision in relation to the placement of Adlina Anis advertising material, the DROPSHIPPER shall be obliged to indemnify Adlina Anis against all third party claims that are asserted on account of the aforementioned breaches. DROPSHIPPER is to provide information, explanations and reasonable support when required for Adlina Anis for its legal defence, the DROPSHIPPER shall be obliged to make the said available to Adlina Anis within necessary period no later than three (03) days.

7.2 Costs resulting from a claim by third parties on account of the infringement of the aforementioned rights and/or obligation , costs shall include , lawyers fees , court or other dispute resolution costs, particularly costs of independent proceedings for taking evidence, damages and other disadvantages that Adlina Anis suffers thereby shall be compensated by the DROPSHIPPER to Adlina Anis

7.3 DROPSHIPPER shall be liable for ensuring that its advertising content are neither indirect no indirect breach of local or foreign third – party property rights or other rights that do not meet any special statutory protection

7.4 Any breach of obligations by the DROPSHIPPER that are stipulated in this agreement or any other industrial property rights or copyrights of Adlina Anis shall entitle Adlina Anis to terminate this agreement and withhold or cease all and any services related to said DROPSHIPPER.

7.5 In the event of breach, including but not limited to the violation of the terms stated in this agreement, Adlina Anis reserves the right to deem as any pending payment owed to the DROPSHIPPER, total amount of the payout for the period when the breach was found, any future payout earned by the DROPSHIPPER proven to have originated from the breach or violation


8.Commission & Payment

8.1 Commission structure as follows:  DROPSHIPPER’s commission is updated on ADLINA ANIS Dropship Entitlements page. DROPSHIPPER will not seek further commission as items bought have been reduced for DROPSHIPPERs and the mark between is not being paid to ADLINA ANIS.

8.2 DROPSHIPPER agrees that charges by banks or payment gateways, including but not limited to PayPal, will be absorbed by DROPSHIPPER

8.3 Commission structure can be modified at any time and to selected DROPSHIPPERs, in order to incentive DROPSHIPPERs with outstanding results.



9.1 DROPSHIPPER and Adlina Anis will at all times keep confidential all confidential information acquired in consequence of this agreement, except and solely to the extent that such information is generally known or available to the public through a source other than DROPSHIPPER.

9.2 DROPSHIPPER shall not use information obtained from the DROPSHIPPER program to enhance, develop or operate a service that compete with Adlina Anis DROPSHIPPER program or assist another party to do the same.

9.3 Information can be disclosed for the following reasons:

9.3.1 by law or the rules of any recognised jurisdiction.

9.3.2 for the purpose of any legal proceedings or arbitration arising from this agreement

9.3.3 to any government authority at their request


10. Modifications, amendments

10.1 Adlina Anis reserves the right to modify any of the terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be effective within five (5) business days and if the modifications are unacceptable, the DROPSHIPPER may terminate this agreement without penalty.

10.2 DROPSHIPPER agrees to remove, modify or alter any graphic, banner ad or link requested by Adlina Anis that is being used for the DROPSHIPPER program.

10.3 Adlina Anis reserves the rights to alter or change the purposed commission structure with prior notification via email. Adlina Anis shall have no responsibility to ensure that communications about changes are received by the DROPSHIPPER.


11. Termination

11.1 This agreement shall be terminated with the following circumstances:

11.1.1 required by law

11.1.2 both parties agree to terminate

11.1.3 if any suspicion on cheating, Adlina Anis reserves the right to investigate within ten (10) days from the date of suspicion and without any prior notice choose to decide to keep engagement with DROPSHIPPER or terminate the Agreement

11.2 Adlina Anis shall have no obligation to pay DROPSHIPPER any commission as at the date of termination if any breach from points 5, 6, 7.


12. Dispute settlement and Governing laws

12.1 Any disputes arising out of this Agreement, termination or breach shall be attempted through negotiations in good faith between parties involved.

12.2 In the event that the settlement needed to be resolved in any other means, the place for arbitration shall be Singapore and conducted in English. The parties accept the exclusive jurisdictions of Singapore International Arbitration centre (SIAC) in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC Rules). One (1) Arbitrator shall be assigned and the non-prevailing party shall be entitled to all costs and fees (including reasonable lawyer fees) for conducting the arbitration and enforcing the award. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the Parties.

12.3 The construction, validity and performance of this Agreement are governed by the law of Singapore.