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Pay Using eNETs

Now you can make payments for your purchases using eNETS!


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Isn't that awesome? Ok so how do we do it? Just follow the guide below!

Step 1: When you reach the payment option be sure to click on ipay88. Trust us :)

Step 2: You will be brought to the payment gateway start page where you should leave your email and select Direct Debit.


Step 3: This is the page most Singaporeans are very comfortable with. Select which bank you'd like to pay from.

Step 4: For this example we are using DBS iBanking. Once you have keyed in your account and password you will be required to provide a code from your token.

Step 5: Once the process is complete you will be shown a successful payment message.

Step 6: And you will find that the order has been processed and the confirmation email has been sent to you as required.