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The Brand

Adlina Anis has years of experience from learning design and merchandising, to styling for numerous magazines in the fashion industry and producing hand made dresses. That experience has afforded Adlina a keen eye and an appreciation for all things quality.

Adlina has insisted on maintaining a ready inventory of materials so that she can ensure that
her customers receive new products every week. These high quality materials are kept in humidity controlled rooms to ensure that the cloths do not undergo any environmental stress due to humidity or sunlight. This ensures that the products that are received by customers are of the highest quality possible.

Each product that is used in ADLINA ANIS products are carefully selected to ensure that quality is placed as the top consideration in decision making. This allows ADLINA ANIS to deliver on its promise of always delivering the best possible product to her discerning customers who have come to expect nothing less.