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The Adlina Anis App is now available from the App Store and the Google Play marketplace.


The team has been putting this app together for the last 6 months and putting our efforts into ensuring a smooth experience of getting the information you want. 


Setting up an account

Login to your Account / Check your Loyalty Points

How to Make a Purchase

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Setting up an account

Setting up an account is an important first step because it means that you can purchase our products much easier with your address details and payment information stored securely in our databases for your shopping convenience.

  1. Click on Login
  2. Scroll down till you see "New Customer? Sign Up >". Click on Sign Up
  3. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Password
  4. Verify your email address if required. You will receive an email in the address you provided.
  5. Your account is active. You will receive an email in the address you provided.
  6. Scroll down to "View Addresses". Click on View Addresses
  7. Click on "Add New Address". Fill in the details and make sure to check the box "Set as Default Address" if this address will be used in the future.
  8. Click on arrow (top right) to return to the Main Screen


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Login to your Account / Check your Loyalty Points

Logging into your account means that you will receive points for every dollar you spend with Adlina Anis. It also means an easier purchasing process as you address is automatically filled up. 

  1. Click on Login

  2. Fill in your email address and password to login. If you don't have a customer just follow our guide on setting up an account here. Once you've logged in you will see a summary of your previous purchases. This means that you are logged into the app and moving forward all customer relevant fields will be populated with the account you logged in with. Of importance here is the grey Rewards button you see on the bottom left. Clicking on this button will take you to the Loyalty Programme homepage of your account.
  3. Redeem Rewards page. Now that you're looking into the Loyalty Programme to look at your standing in the programme the first you will see the page that shows you what Rewards you are able to redeem with the number of points that you have accumulated. Take note the menu button of the Loyalty Programme at the top right - when you a re ready click the menu button. 
  4. The Menu shows what fields you have access to. 
  5. My Rewards shows you a breakdown of the awards you have redeemed. If you haven't redeemed a reward you'll see a message indicating you haven't done so.
  6. History will show you all your recent purchases that was done when you were logged into your account. Purchases made without logging in will not be captured in this window. 
  7. Account will show you a snapshot of all your Loyalty Programme information. Do NOT click on withdraw unless you are sure you would like to withdraw from the Loyalty Programme.
  8. Returning to the Home Screen / Logging into another account. You will see a Button pointing down - clicking on this button will take you directly back to the Home Screen. The Home Button will take you to the login page where you can login with another account should you do so. 

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How to make a purchase


1. Click on "Collections" on the home page and you'll be taken to a list of our available collections.


2. For the purpose of this demo imagine that you are clicking on "New". So go ahead and click it.


3. You'll be presented with al the products that are categorised under the "New" category. For the purpose of this demo, imagine you are clicking on the top right hand product.


4. This brings you to the product detail page. You can swipe through the available images to have a look at the products. If you like what you see, then click on "Buy Now"


5. You'll be brought to a page showing you the cost and quantity of the amount you'd like to purchase. Just click and adjust accordingly the quantity you would like. When you're done click on "Add to Cart"


6. Once you have clicked on "Buy Now' you will be brought to a page showing you that your product added. You'll also see that your cart at the top right hand corner is showing that you have 1 item in the cart. But imagine that you have a change of heart and that you don't want that product anymore because you just saw something else that is even more fabulous. You just need to click on the cart to start adjusting your cart.


7. Your cart will show all the products that you have added to it. To make adjustments to a product that is in your cart just click on that item.


8. Now you can either change the quantity of the product you are ordering or remove it from your cart with the "Remove" button at the top right hand corner.


9. Once you are ready and have exactly the items you want just click on "Proceed to Checkout".


10. If you already have an account with Adlina Anis please Sign In. This would ensure that you receive loyalty points for your purchase. Also if you already have an account you won't have to fill in every other field in this page. If you'd like to sign up for an account please see the guide here.


11. Once you've signed in you will be able to see your email. Click on the New Address button to bring up your previously saved address details.


12. Choose the address you would like us to send your product to.


13. Once you're ready click on the green button at the bottom for the next step.


14. You will be brought to a page showing fields where you can enter a discount code if you have one or a gift card if you have one. 


15. If you scroll down a bit more you will find Shipping Options and Payment options. Go ahead and select your preferred option. Please see payment and shipping to understand the different options we provide for Shipping.


16. Once you're ready, click on the green button to complete your purchase.


17. Sit back relax and you can check the progress of your delivery from the email updates that we send to you.