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  • ROS - Aromatique Spray
  • ROS - Aromatique Spray
  • ROS - Aromatique Spray

ROS - Aromatique Spray


Aromatique Spray

Bouquet of the Senses
Evoking the freshness of a garden at daybreak, ROS rouses an exhalation of delicate, dew- kissed petals. The air in this space conveys a luminous and exuberant aroma woven with the memory of the glory days and the promise of the tranquility ahead. An inviting quietude for the abode, and the mind.


To Levant, with Love
The most emblematic of flowers played an integral role in the Levant’s rich culture and history. In addition to being widely used for its medicinal properties, roses were also cultivated for their fragrance, which served as a veil against odours.

The heart of this formulation blooms from the very roses grown in the native soil, lovingly handpicked and swirled purely with distilled water.
The process of distillation ensures that
the aromatique spray is devoid of any harmful chemicals and is safe on skin.

A love story between people and nature as much as perfumer and flower, ROS is our tribute to the splendour of the Levant. It will whisk you away to a field of flowers where time suspends its flight—an invitation to set off for faraway worlds.

Key Ingredients
Rose, Lily blossom

Spray a few pumps throughout the interior and refresh as needed. Can be used on curtains and fabric items.

From a budding concept that had been in development for two years prior to the ongoing global upheavals to its completion in full bloom, ROS Aromatique Spray is a true testament to our conviction towards a deep-rooted cause.

We are committed to reinvesting over 50% of our earnings directly into Palestinian-owned businesses. The profits made will go toward freight, product manufacturing, and the purchase of raw materials that are native to their land.

Through our endeavours, we aspire to not only actively give back to the Palestinian community but also preserve its rich tapestry of heritage and identity. We look forward to bringing you the beauty of Levantine through products that are not only of the highest quality but also socially responsible. 

This collective effort is supported by Adlina Anis, 160Works, and Ustaz Zahil Zakaria in the realm of branding, product packaging, and fulfilment.

Championing Others

The production of home care essentials derived from natural ingredients has been synonymous with Palestinian life for centuries. These are now actively managed by family- run businesses that are resilient and innovative in their pursuit of new approaches to bring their products to the forefront.

Keeping the traditions of their forefathers alive and well today is what Fouad and his family do. As allies, we seek to support and magnify the efforts of such businesses through a global showcase of locally sourced products that preserve the authenticity of Palestinian culture.

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  • “Free Palestine.”

    Adlina Anis, Founder