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Get a Restock Notification

So you find something you like but its already sold out?

All you need to do to be notified when our products are refreshed is to leave your email. We'll show you how to do this in the next few steps.


Oh no! Its SOLD OUT!



Well now at least there's a way for you to let us know that you want to informed when this product is restocked. So how do you do it?

Click on the Sold Out product to go into the Product Detail Page

When you click to see the details of the product you will notice that there is a "Notify me when this product is available" field, click 'SEND' below. When you fill out the field with your email click send and you should see the response "Your notification has been registered." The same method applies to mobile devices as well.


That's all really. The next time this product is available you will be sent an email but you'll need to act fast because the availability of the product is still based on a first-come-first-serve basis.


This capability is however not available to our products in Prints and Limited Editions as we cannot guarantee the availability of the material. However, if we feel that we can find the material and make it available we will inform you and make the system be able to take in your email to be notified when its restocked.