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02 Nov 2013

Making a lasting impression.

For the last year, we have been steadily increasing our ability to provide you more of the hijabs you love.


How do we do that? We'll be honest, its been through increasing our production, quality control and packaging capabilities. This ensures that even if there is something you like that no longer available it could be restocked in a matter of weeks instead of the regular intervals of a few months. As always you can keep updated on what's the latest by visiting our New Arrivals page. 


We're invested in ensuring that the products we produce are now made in a substantial quantity so that more of you can get them. But what happens if there isn't enough? Well that's where you can actually leave your email and be notified as soon as they are restocked. You can find out more through our How To: Get a Restock Notification. This doesn't mean however that the product is kept aside for you - it would still be based on a first come first serve basis as a limitation of our system. So you have to act fast ok?


We'll be looking into other initiatives to improve our services but we thought we would keep you updated on how you can leave your email to be notified of when the product you want is available.

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