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15 May 2015

SAME DAY DELIVERY featured on Berita Harian

Adlina Anis was featured today on Berita Harian!

As with all good business practices, at Adlina Anis we believe that customers should get what they pay for. This means that when we charge our customers for shipping - they are paying only for what the postage costs - not a one time fee that may cost more than the actual postage. 

In this spirit we offer SAME DAY DELIVERY in Singapore. If customers spend more than $100 at our online store they can opt for SAME DAY DELIVERY which costs only $2.50. Its a steal isn't it? 

Adlina Anis is always on the lookout not only to bring quality products that are made in our own facilities to our customers but we also believe that we must do so with the best service available. 

Thank you for reading!

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